ABOUT: visual arts career 
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Sketchbooks Islands and Birds
What inspired me
I inherited watercolours and oil paints from my grandfather "Da" (JC Fowell) in 1971. He inspired me with his gentle nature and beautiful paintings and my architect Dad (JD Fowell) used to take me to building sites during holidays and on weekends sometimes. So the art and architecture were a presence in my life and I absorbed this with the dream to study art.
Education Art and Architecture
  • Advanced diploma of Architectural Technology, Sydney Institute of Technology 1999.
  • Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, BArch (AA DIPL) (RIBA Part II)1995.
  • Visual Arts Certificate, TSA, Tokyo School of Art, 1986.
  • Sydney College of the Arts 1981.
  • East Sydney Technical College, Fine Arts Post Graduate Certificate 1980.
  • East Sydney Technical College, Fine Arts Certificate 1979.
Visual arts background

Recent works

Over years I have been living in Perth I have been working on different series of paintings that explores the beauty, mystery and fragility of nature.
I became fascinated by birds especially parrots in Australia, and our vast Australian landscapes. On travels I sketched islands, and tried to capture the light and vivid colours. Their mood and character.

 These paintings are derived from drawings and quick sketches during travels across Australia and the Pacific from planes and cruise ship journeys, bird parks and zoos, of island landscapes and Australian and other exotic birds.  The birds are given detail and set into artificial backgrounds but retain their personalities, the island landscapes reinterpreted, devoid of human intervention and given slightly surreal viewpoints.
These works were exhibited at Showcase Gallery in Northbridge, Perth from 21st May - 4th June 2016.
Please note: Some of the works from my gallery pages here are now sold.

From a young age I studied visual arts then architecture in Sydney, Tokyo and London.  
In Tokyo I had some great opportunities to exhibit which are listed below.  My work at the time was painting, mixed media and scultpural objects, as the dynamic urban surroundings of Tokyo heavily influenced my direction.  These works led me to study architecture, and on advice, I went to London to the AA School of Architecture to explore architectural design.
After 10 years in London I returned to my home town of Sydney.  I now live and work in Perth, WA.
For over 15 years I have been teaching, architecture and interior design and continue to work as a visual artist.

Recently I have revisited the skills involved with printmaking and have exhibited in a couple of group shows through the organisation PAWA.
Exhibition List
  • ​Solo exhibition, Showcase Gallery Northbridge Perth, May-June 2016
  • Moore’s Building FAC group exhibition, September 2013
  • Gallery Central,  Central Institute of Technology Lecturers showcase exhibition, Perth 2008
  • FARA 'Artists for the Burrup' auction appeal - Moore’s Building, Fremantle, July 2007
  • Solo Exhibition Free Range Gallery, Subiaco, Perth, July 2005
  • Cossack Art Awards, Pilbara Paintings 2004
  • FAC “Difficult and Desperate Times – Retablos “ 2004
  • AA School of Architecture Annual Projects Review Exhibition, July – August 1988 - 1995
  • Group exhibition Reflections Part II Art Space Tokyo, October 1987
  • Group exhibition ING Theatre, Space I-II-I Tokyo, July 1987
  • Group exhibition 1 x 1 Setagaya Museum Tokyo,  November 1986
  • Morris Gallery solo exhibition, TSA Graduation 1986
  • Morris Gallery, solo exhibition, Tokyo, July 1986
  • La Mama, Tokyo Film Work and Exhibition 1986
  • Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Group Show, Kanagawa, Japan 1985
  • Solo exhibition Space Gallery, Tokyo June 1985,
  • Solo exhibition Okabe Gallery, Tokyo August 1984
  • Solo exhibition TSA Gallery, Tokyo 1983
  • Steven Mori Gallery, Sydney 1982
  • Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Prize, Sydney 1981
  • Sydney Printmakers exhibition ESTC, Sydney 1980
  • Burton Street Gallery, Sydney 1979
  • Mosman Art Prize, Sydney 1978
Resin Sculpture, Tokyo 1986
Jester Chair and Table, Tokyo 1987
Etching, Sydney 1979